Moco Museum: a place for experiments

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I think for an Amsterdam museum to be ahead of the competition, it has to always have something new to offer. Doing the same kind of things over and over can get boring over time. And once your visitors stop being interested in what you're doing, it will be very difficult to get them to come back again. Therefore I think it is very important to continue to consistently come up with new ideas. One of the best ways to do this is to experiment with and combine new artistic styles, themes, and artists. And since Moco Museum is known for being innovative, I think it is important that they work hard to keep this perception and image alive in the minds of their visitors, especially those who visit regularly. And you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to catch the imagination of art lovers. What is important is for your idea to be unique, intriguing and captivating.

Experimental mural arts idea for Moco Museum

So this is the idea I have in mind. We could get a group of young and talented mural artists who have a lot of potential to shine in the future for our experimental exhibition. We can talk with the municipality and see where they might possibly have empty surfaces that they would like to see covered with murals. We may even be able to get them to sponsor our experiment. Then we can give these artists a small amount of money, a short time frame to finish their art piece, and a wall or surface for them to draw their mural. And then we can give them a theme and see what they can come up with during that time.


This way we can hit two birds with one stone. First of all we come up with specific pieces of art that have formed under specific and equal circumstances for all the mural artists. Depending on the theme and the artists we choose, this can turn out to be a very interesting and exciting exhibition. Also in the process we can also identify the most talented artists among them. And we could invest on these artists if we sense that they can become big artists and hire them for more extensive projects we may have in the future. And in the worst case we will have several walls that look prettier than they were before our experiment!

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